About Mad Horse

Mad Horse Theatre Company was founded in 1986 in Portland as a professional resident theater ensemble. The Company quickly developed a reputation for innovative interpretations of cutting-edge contemporary plays as well as the dramatic classics. After performing in a variety of venues, we secured a lease on our own building in 2009 from the city of South Portland. Being in our own space allows the actors to create and rehearse a production in the same 50 seat black-box theater where it will be performed. Our mission has been the driving force behind a history of productions that, we believe, have added to Maine’s artistic enrichment and to the social discourse that is at the heart of a strong community. It is our sincere hope that the audience’s experience is entertaining and engaging. In 2018, Mad Horse Theatre appointed Nick Schroeder and Mark Rubin to two-year terms as the new Executive Director and Artistic Director of the company.

Our mission is to produce plays which compassionately examine and illuminate the enduring aspects of the human experience.

Our work focuses on areas of social concern, personal transformation and the building of lasting community relationships.