2019-2020 SeasoN

Radiant Vermin

By Philip Ridley
September 26 - October 13, 2019

Gentrification of communities is an issue that hits close to home in the greater Portland area. A young London couple is given a rare opportunity to own their own home. How far are we willing to go to have that perfect kitchen?

“A blithely told fable for the age of unaffordable housing. Like a Brothers Grimm story, it is executed with its own consistent fantasy logic, deployed to remind us of the dangers of getting what we wish for…it makes for nasty and energetic fun…” —The New York Times

Mary Jane

By Amy Herzog
November 7 - 24, 2019

Mary Jane is caring for a very ill child that needs constant care. There’s no denying the central, wrenching focus, but it’s also a story about a small group of women who have committed themselves to the tough project of caring for this child and his mother. It is this push-pull between the momentary reprieve that (female) support offers, and the persistent undertow of despair that provides the fascinating momentum of MARY JANE.

“Amy Herzog’s beautiful new play, 'Mary Jane” is about family and illness, and how the difficulties inherent in caring for the infirm can strengthen familial bonds—or erode them.
-Hilton Als, The New Yorker

The Effect

By Lucy Prebble
January 9 - 26, 2020

When two volunteers for an antidepressant clinical trial start to feel the tell-tale signs—sweaty hands, thumping hearts—they know they’ve fallen for each other hard. Or are their bodies processing a chemical romance? The question at the heart of The Effect is one for our medicated time, is love the sum of our chemical selves or something more?

“…[a] funny and heartbreaking play…a knotty drama, dealing with scientific objectivity, guilt, the mysteries of the human heart and brain and what makes us who we are, wrapped up in a deceptively simple and constantly entertaining package.” —The Guardian (UK).

APPROPRIATE (at Space Gallery)

By Branden Jacobs-Jenkins

February 13 - March 1, 2020

In an exciting venture, Mad Horse is bringing this timely play to the Space Gallery in the heart of Portland’s art district, Congress Street, Portland.

APPROPRIATE, is a highly charged and ambitiously sprawling drama . A sad and angry white family has gathered at the ancestral homestead in Arkansas to dispose of a debt-burdened estate. The title plays with the meaning of the word "appropriate" in both its adjectival and verb forms. Characters are testing the line of suitable behavior just as they are questioning claims of legitimate ownership.

“…biliously funny…Jacobs-Jenkins [is] a witty provocateur and a dramatist on whom to keep your eye…What distinguishes [APPROPRIATE] is the playwright’s gift for drawing his characters into an escalating conflict and sustaining, with humor and craft, our curiosity about how they digest the terrible information thrown at them.” —The Washington Post.

You Got older

By Clare Barron
April 16 - May 3, 2020

Dumped and fired by her boyfriend/boss, Mae assumes her life can’t get worse -- until her Dad acquires a rare, aggressive form of cancer. You Got Older is a dark comedy about coming of age as your youth falls apart behind you. Sexual desire, cowboys, high school boyfriends and family are all part of Mae’s hilarious, emotional journey. Barron is not afraid to tackle the grittiest details of sex and death and explore the delicate moments that occur in times of passage.

"This terrific new play by Clare Barron . . . offers a hilarious and painfully affecting blend of oddball dialogue, beautifully observed family dynamics, and a preoccupation with the weird ways of the body . . . Barron’s special genius lies in the deep dividends she derives from small talk."—The New Yorker

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